Beams Seatbelts

Our Philosophy

At Beam's, we have built a successful business on creating a great employee experience that then leads to a great customer experience. Our success is achieved through extreme manufacturing flexibility, a great culture, and extensive product application and engineering knowledge.

Our products are manufactured to our client's exact specifications. We don't keep an inventory of 'standard' seabelts from which the customer is forced to choose. We build you product the way you need it for your own unique applications.

Our highest business priority is to ensure our customers' products meet all industry or federal regulations.

Our History

Beam's Incorporated opened its doors in 1953 at 13th Street and Robinson Avenue in Oklahoma City. Though we started as an automotive seating cover manufacturer and installer, we entered the seatbelt manufacturing business in 1955 when Ford Motor Company first offered factory installed seatbelts as an accessory in new vehicles.

The 50's

In the late fifties, doctors, industrial relations directors and safety directors in military installations were seeking sources for seatbelts. Beam's quickly rose to be recognized as the nation's leader in providing industry and military installations with seatbelts for retrofitting in passenger cars.

The 60's

By 1962, there were around 250 seatbelt manufacturers, compared to only a handful in the fifties. Beam's weathered the competitive storm while other seatbelt companies subsequently went out of business.

The 70's

In the seventies, Beam's moved to a new location on West Main and began helping with mission work. We sponsored missionaries in Sweden and the Philippines and bought cars for missionaries. Beam's also began dealing with some nationally known companies including JC Whitney, John Deere and Bostrom.

The 80's

The majority of Beam's business in the eighties was made up of van conversion companies, school buses, heavy trucks and the agricultural sector. The eighties was also the decade when we first began working with Disney.

The 90's

Beam's received several buyout offers but remained committed to creating an employee and customer experience like no other. The company entered several new industries including the military and amusement sectors. Beam's also moved to a new building on the south side of Oklahoma City. Beam's became involved with the Center for Autism HOPE Worldwide, Infant Crisis Services and CSO. The decade also saw the loss of Mr. O.T. Beam, our original owner, as he unexpectedly passed away.

Turn of the Century

Beam's made a significant investment in engineering personnel, facilities, and equipment as well as a new and much larger manufacturing facility. Beam's also broadened its manufacturing capability to include sewn tie-downs and products far beyond its still core product line of seatbelts.

The Future

Beam's continues to lead the way in lean manufacturing flexibility, a terrific employee culture, and diverse application engineering product knowledge. In addition, we will be the manufacturer of choice for engineered solutions relating to seatbelts, tie-downs and sewn webbing products.

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