When Hinrich Weyhausen started selling construction and agricultural machinery in 1919 he discovered that the machines that his customers actually needed were not available. So he listened to them carefully and went about building the machines himself exactly according to the requirements of the people who used his machines every day. He carried out pioneering work with a passion under the brand name of ATLAS. Yet the focus was never on technology it was always on the benefit of the machines. And nothing has changed for us in terms of this ideal today.

With highly motivated employees, a great deal of commitment and expertise we develop successful excavator technologies. Numerous customers, engineers and experts all around the globe have made their contribution. The result is robust equipment to enable you to work more effectively and safer than ever before. As our know-how grew, so too did our dealer and service network worldwide. We can hence guarantee in those days and today too that we will always be on the spot when you need us.

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